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At Chapman, we realize that our business is about more than buildings: it's also about people: our clients, our employees, our subcontractors, and the communities in which we work. In an industry marked by rapid turnover, Chapman is unique: half our employees have been with us for more than six years, and many have been here more than ten.

There's a genuine feeling of camaraderie at Chapman, a sense of belonging to an organization that is doing both quality work for its clients, and meaningful work for the community and the environment. You can't manufacture this kind of team feeling, but we nurture it in a variety of ways: by growing carefully, by bringing the company together for big and small events, and through our monthly newsletter, The Chapman Chronicle.

One of the first things you notice about our office is its openness, and this openness extends to our corporate structure as well. Chapman's employee-driven "Working Groups" are the means by which we translate this ideal into everyday practice. These groups provide real and practical forums through which all employees can contribute to Chapman's management in the areas that interest them most, whether it be Human Resources, Green Building, or Subcontractor Development.

Those Who Can, Teach
Our Construction Supervisors do much more than just supervise. When they aren't swinging a hammer themselves, they're sharing their wisdom and expertise with their assistants. Chapman's company-wide dedication to mentoring and knowledge-sharing ensures that our clients and employees alike get the benefit of our pooled experience.

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