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hardhatOur Commitment
A simple sign greets visitors to every Chapman jobsite: "Hard hats required at all times." This no-exceptions policy is emblematic of our uncompromising commitment to safety. What's the result of this approach? We protect our employees and subcontractors from injuries and our clients from liability claims. And our Worker's Compensation claim rate, which is among the lowest in the industry, reduces our premiums and saves our clients money.


Clean & Organized
Chapman sites are notable for their cleanliness, organization, and extensive signage. Organized sites are not just safer, they're also more efficient. Chapman's sites are a reflection of the professionalism and safety-consciousness of our field staff, as well as the high standard to which we hold our subcontractors, which is reinforced at our weekly subcontractor safety & coordination meetings.

safety officerEducation & Training
Safety starts with education, so we make sure that all of our personnel are OSHA 30-hour and CPR/First Aid certified. Our in-house safety officer continues this training by regularly visiting our sites and helping our supervisors refine their real-world safety approach. We also invite the Massachusetts Department of Labor to perform voluntary safety inspections of our sites. We’ve found these inspections to be a tremendous tool for increasing everyone’s safety awareness.

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